A downloadable game for Windows

In a beautiful 2D world of floating sky islands and rolling oceans of cloud, take command of a Cloudship and fly into Arque Skies!

Play as Joan Candle, a retired sky captain, who has just lost her beloved corgi to a mysterious dognapping. In order to save her companion, Joan must face enemy ships in projectile-based combat, discovering ancient weaponry and bountiful treasure along the way. Only once she has collected the resources needed to upgrade her ship does she have any hope of saving her best friend.


Arque Skies 1.3.exe 69 MB


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Its a good game, good job

Hey DragonButter, we appreciate that, thank you.

Arque Skies - CLOUD WARS

IMPORTANT, I want to say to the developer thank you. I appreciate it so much that you allow me to play your game. It was so much fun and it blew my mind and set me at ease into a good mood. On a further thought, I did encounter some frame issues that are present in lets play as well as a few audio issues. I feel these are possibly on my end and will hopefully be putting up a better video up once I figure those out. The frame issues dip way low when I entered buildings and then continued once I was outside the building, after several minutes they would even out and the frame was perfect. Like I said, this may be on my end, but it didn't stop me from falling in love with this creation. It's upgrading and story driven utopia with in the clouds really sent me into heaven. Thank you so much and my sincere appreciation. ~ Vilarchim

Hey Vilarchim, thanks so much for playing Arque Skies, we're glad you enjoyed it. If you're interested, we post news and updates to our twitter @starburntstudio

When will your next update be, and any constructive criticism you can give me to make better videos on your game?


Hi Vilarchim, if we have anything to announce we'll do so on our twitter. Your video seems great to us and we're happy to have a fan! Thanks.

But are you planning on an update or is this the full game?


Hey Vilarchim, the team is tied up with showcases and other commitments this time of year. We'll be regrouping soon and when we do we'll post our plans and announcements for the game on twitter.

Corgi saved, pirates defeated. Nice work. :)


Hi Cryptic, we loved your video and appreciate the great feedback that you've provided. We're striving to create the best games that we can, so any comments on the gameplay is incredibly valuable to us. You also hold the honour of being the first person to create a let's play video of Arque Skies!

That really is an honor. Any new projects on the horizon? :)

Hi Cryptic, we haven't announced anything as of yet but if we have anything to share we'll do so through our twitter @starburntstudio

Already following. ;)